Bulk Export Tasks, Discussions or Document Revisions

You can easily export a complete history—including attachments—of an individual task, discussion or document revision as a one-off, for reporting purposes, or in the event of an exception or dispute.

This one-click export delivers a ZIP file to your personal container containing all correspondence, comments, attachments, linked documents and workflow history related to a task, discussion or document revision.
Note: However, this bulk-export feature does not export mark-ups for Tasks, Discussions or document revisions.
  1. Locate the document with tasks, discussions and /or revisions that you would like to bulk download.
  2. Right-click on the document and select Properties.
    The Document Properties window appears.
  3. Click on the three-arrow bulk-download icon ().
    This will queue a download of files associated with this revision (including workflow history report and metadata summary) and send you an email notification when it is available to access from your personal container.
  4. Once the ZIP file completes downloading to your personal container, open it to locate the complete history of the individual task, discussion and/or document revision.