Vote on a Workflow

If you have been included in a workflow as a panel member, you may need to vote in order for the workflow to continue moving forward.

If you are a panel member, you should be notified in your Inbox that a workflow is waiting on your vote. If you have admin permissions, you can go to Administration > Workflows in the appropriate container to see a list of all workflows for that container.
  1. Open the workflow that you need to vote on.
  2. Double-click the Decision node at the end of the red connector.

    Note: The workflow may open with the current node open, if your Administrator has configured this. In that case, you will not need to double-click the Decision node because it will already be open.
    The Workflow Usage screen displays.
  3. Review the Question to see what you are voting on. Cast your vote by selection the appropriate option from the drop-down and clicking Vote.

    You can also add a comment or attach items, tasks, or markups at this point.

    The item will move on to the next relevant node, depending on what the majority of panel members vote.

In the example, the majority of panel members voted Approved. The item is then sent to the notification node which in turn generated an email notifying users that the item had been approved. The item then reached the Approved termination node and completed the workflow, making the item visible to all users.