What's New in VFP 2018-04 – September 2018

The fourth Viewpoint For Projects™ release for 2018 delivers greater security via multi-factor authentication. Additionally, users can save time actioning meeting outcomes with batch voting enhancements and third parties can markup documents in direct access VCs. A one-click export of a task, discussion or document revision history, and an uplift to the information displayed on the attachment grid for Tasks and Discussions round out the release.

Review the release video to see a quick overview of VFP 2018-04 enhancements, and read more about them in the sections below it.

Key enhancements include:

  • Multi-factor authentification

    Greater security and enhanced protection from data breaches and hackers. Often a requirement for public-sector projects, users can opt-in to receiving a second layer of authentication via a time-sensitive code on a mobile device. The code, as well as username and password, are required to gain access to Viewpoint For Projects. See the instructions here...

  • Batch vote enhancements

    Save time actioning meeting outcomes. Where previously a detailed understanding of individual items was required before selecting an outcome, the uplifted batch vote/comment tool displays detailed information on the multiple selected items. Additionally, documents can be attached to relevant workflows en-masse, from a user’s machine or a Viewpoint For Projects container. See more in Batch Vote on Multiple Items in a Workflow.

  • Markups Allowed in Direct Access Virtual Containers

    Capture design feedback from third parties, such as owners or financiers on a package of documents or drawings while simultaneously restricting access to project information and correspondence related to the documents being reviewed. Markups are captured in the Virtual Containers (VCs) as well as the document’s source container. See more in Allow Markup Access to Virtual Containers.

  • One-click export of a task, discussion or a document revision

    Quickly export a complete audit history of an individual Task, Discussion or document revision as a one-off, for reporting purposes or in the event of an exception or dispute. A one-click export delivers a zip file to a user’s personal container containing all correspondence, comments, attachments, linked documents and workflow history related to a Task, Discussion or document revision. See more in Export a Task, Discussion, or a Document Revision.

  • Attachment grid display

    More information on Task and Discussion attachments. The attachment grid now displays additional information, such as name, description, revision and status.

  • Fixes and stability improvements

    This release also contains several customer-requested and enhancements to make the application more usable.