Search for an Onboarding Task or Form

Search for onboarding tasks or forms that you want to review or edit.

Profile group administrators can modify existing forms at any time. You can search for forms by category, template name, or both.
  1. From the home page, in the Onboarding section, select Hiring Process Setup.
    Note: Alternatively, click in the upper left corner of the home page, and select HR Management > Hiring Setup.
  2. Select the Manage Custom Tasks tab.
    The Form Templates page opens.
  3. To search based on a form category:
    1. Enter the category name (or a portion of the name) in the category search box in the left pane. The system filters the categories list based on your search.
    2. Select the relevant category. The system filters the list of forms shown in the right pane based on the selected category.
  4. To search based on a form name, enter the form name (or portion of the name) in the template search box in the right pane.
    The system filters the forms list based on your search terms.
  5. Select the form.
    The Template Builder page opens.
  6. Review or edit the form as needed.
  7. If you make changes, click Save.