What's New in HR Management for Spectrum 2022 R12

The 2022 R12 release of HR Management for Spectrum delivers new Employee Self-Service features, including the ability to resend approvals that were rejected in Spectrum and the option to manage the companies in an enterprise. This release is available as of 12/14/2022.

HR Admin Settings

New! Manage companies in your enterprise

A new Companies section has been added to the HR Admin Settings > Enterprise Settings page. HR admins can use this section to view companies in an enterprise and to set companies as active or inactive. If you set a company as inactive, that company will not be available to any employees or HR users in Employee Self-Service. See Configure Enterprise Settings for more details.

Note: All companies are set as active by default.


New! Approval status indicators

New indicators have been added to each Approvals section (Personal Info, Emergency Contacts, and Direct Deposit) to show the status of items sent for approval:

  • Pending: The number of items that are awaiting HR approval in Employee Self-Service.

  • Sent to ERP: The number of approved items that were sent to Spectrum but have not yet been processed in the ERP. Once Spectrum accepts the change, the item no longer displays on the Approvals page.

  • Failed to send: Following an approval attempt in Employee Self-Service, the number of items that Spectrum rejected because the ERP records were locked at the time.

When you select an indicator, the Approvals page updates to show only those items in that state:

See About Approval Status Indicators for more details.

New! Retry approvals that failed to send to Spectrum

Currently, Spectrum rejects approvals that are sent when an employee record is in use within Spectrum or during payroll processing because that process locks system records in the ERP. On the Approvals page in Employee Self-Service, these rejected items are assigned the status Failed to send. To resend or dismiss rejected approvals, select the Failed to send indicator on the applicable Approvals page, and then select the appropriate button:

  • Resend / Resend All: Allows you to resend approvals to Spectrum. When you resend items, their status changes to Sent to ERP.

  • Dismiss / Dismiss All: Allows you to dismiss the approval altogether. Dismissing an approval removes the item from the Approvals page. The employee's record reverts to the information on file prior to the requested change.

See Resend Approvals for more details.

Access Your User Profile

This release includes a widget that allows you to access your user profile. Select your user name in the upper right-hand corner of any Employee Self-Service page, and then select My Profile. This takes you to My Trimble (https://my.trimble.com) where you can update your user name and email address and reset your password.