What's New in HR Management for Spectrum 2022 R10

This HR Management for Spectrum release delivers new Employee Self-Service features, including the ability for employees to edit direct deposit information and new HR Admin Settings, plus a new Employee Self-Service section on the Trimble Construction One home page.

Watch a video demonstration of the enhancements and changes made in this release. Then see the sections that follow for written explanations of these changes.

General Enhancements

New! Employee Self-Service section now on the Trimble Construction One home page

The Trimble Construction One home page now includes an Employee Self-Service section with direct links to the Personal Info and Earnings pages. After logging in to Trimble Construction One, select a link under the Employee Self-Service heading.

Employees, HR admins, and HR specialists can still use the main menu in Trimble Construction One to access Employee Self-Service options specific to their permissions. See Access Employee Self-Service for more details.

Employee Self-Service Enhancements

New! Edit Direct Deposit Information

Employees can now manage their direct deposit bank account details in Employee Self-Service. From the Personal Info page, select the Direct Deposit tab. Employees can add new bank accounts for direct deposit of earnings or edit bank account information currently on file. Direct deposit changes are routed through the approval process.

See Update My Direct Deposit Information for more details.

New! Enable modules and manage permissions from the new HR Admin Settings page

Manage settings that control the features available and permissions assigned in Employee Self-Service. HR admins and authorized HR specialists (based on permission groups) can access HR Admin Settings from the main menu in Employee Self-Service.

The HR Admin Settings page is organized into the following three sections:

  • Enterprise Settings: Use to control the Employee Self-Service features that employees can access for a selected enterprise. See Configure Enterprise Settings for details.

  • Permission Groups (new location): Previously located under HR Admin Tools, the Permission Groups feature has been moved under HR Admin Settings. The Permission Groups page includes the same general steps as in previous releases but with some revised field names when adding or editing permission groups. See Create Permission Groups for details.

  • Personal Info Settings: Use to configure settings specific to the Personal Information section of Employee Self-Service. See Configure Personal Info Settings for details.

User Management for HR admins - Beta release

HR admins and authorized HR specialists (based on permission groups) can try the new User Management - Beta page to identify active users in the system, users without logins or email addresses on file, and users by role.

Access User Management - Beta from the Employee Self-Service home page by selecting the User Management - Beta icon under HR Admin Tools. Or, select the main menu in the upper left corner of the home page, and then select User Management - Beta.

See User Management - Beta for more information.