Create a New Scheduled Job

Create a new user-defined job for the portal to perform on a schedule that you define.

  1. Go to Admin > Portal Settings. In the Administrative Actions section of the Portal Info tab, select Scheduled Jobs.
  2. From the top of the page, select Add Job.
  3. Fill in the required Name and Schedule fields.
    Note: Schedule inputs must be in a valid cron string format.
    • To generate a cron expression that you can paste into the Schedule field, go to
    • Example of a cron expression: 30 2 1 * * means that your Scheduled Job will run at 2:30am, on day one of the month.

    On the Scheduled Jobs page, the schedule is listed in standard time format.

  4. Add an Executable.
  5. Select the Enabled checkbox to run the job on your defined schedule.
  6. Select Save.
To edit, run, view the history of, or delete an existing job, see Manage Scheduled Jobs.