Configure Company Announcements

Company Announcements allow you to add bulletins and messages to the home page of your portal for all employees to view.

  1. Select Admin > Admin Roles, and assign the Bulletin Admin role to users who will be creating and maintaining your company announcements.
    Note: The Bulletin Admin permission applies to Company Announcements and the Document Library. To allow the Bulletin Admin to create documents for signature or acknowledgment and also create Library Items, you must enable the Document Library. See Configure the Document Library.
  2. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Document Library.
  3. Under General Configuration, select Enable Company Announcement functionality on the portal home page.
  4. To restrict your company announcements to specific employee groups, select Enable Employee Group Restrictions for Company Announcements.
    Note: Only a system or Security Admin can modify and create employee groups.
  5. If you have assigned yourself as the Bulletin Admin, you must log out and log back in to access your new permissions.