Configure Extended Leave Code Settings

Configure extended leave codes for the Time Off module.

The leave codes available to users are based on PR Leave Codes set up in Vista. See Configure Vista Settings for Time Off for details. System Admins can access extended leave code settings by selecting Admin > Portal Settings > Time-Off > General Configuration. Locate the Extended Leave Code Configuration setting, and select the Edit button for this setting. Modify any of the settings shown.

Note: If you allow users to request time off that is not linked to a leave code (non-paid leave), you can enable the portal setting Non-Paid Leave: Include non-paid option in Leave Request Types to have the non-paid leave code added to extended leave code settings, as shown below (Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Time-Off > Vista Configuration). For this feature to populate in the HR Resource Schedule, you need to set up the Schedule Code in HR Codes (code type C).

Note: On mobile devices, the pop-up window for the portal setting Extended Leave Code Configuration does not display in full.

Extended Leave Code Setting Descriptions

Setting Description
Show in Grid Select this checkbox to show this leave code in the time off balance grid at the top of the Manage My Time Off page.
Show Projection Select this checkbox to show projected accrual amounts for this code and have the values update based on the date selected in the Project Hours As Of field.
Note: If projected balances are not showing in Manage My Time Off, review the portal setting Hide "Projected Days Available" column in Leave Code Balance grid. If this setting is enabled, projected balances are hidden for all users in Manage My Time Off.
Allow Request Select this checkbox to allow users to request time off for this code.
Cash Out Enabled Select this checkbox to allow employees to cash out balances for this code.
Request Buffer Allows you to set the number of days between the current date and the earliest date that an employee can request time off for a given code.
  • For example, if this is set to 5, an employee cannot make a new request for time off in the next 5 days. If it is set to 0, an employee can request time off from today forward.
  • Enter a negative number to allow backdating of requests. For example, -3 allows users to request time off for up to 3 days in the past. Enter whole numbers only (for example: 15, -15).
Minimum Requested Hours Allows you to specify the minimum duration of a request in hours. Enter positive numbers only. Displays in hours even if you are displaying time off in units of hours or days. Enter a 0 to indicate no minimum duration. For half an hour,enter 0.5. For 15 minutes, enter 0.25.
Require Manager Approval Select this checkbox to indicate that a manager must approve requests for a given code. If this option is not selected, requests for this code automatically post to the HR Resource Schedule as approved.
Hide Balance of Hours Select this checkbox to hide the employee's new hours balance when confirming a time off request for this code. If you leave this setting blank, users see only the number of requested hours when confirming the time off request.
Request Attachments Allows you to indicate whether attachments are required with a time off request for a given code. Available options:
  • Hide Attachments: Hide the attachment section.
  • Allow Attachments: Show the attachment section. Employees can add attachments, but they are not required.
  • Require Attachments: Show the attachment section. Employees must add an attachment in order to request time off for this leave code.
Request Increment Allows you to restrict time off requests for partial days to whole hours or to specific increments of an hour. A message displays on the Time Off page to notify users of the required increment for a leave code.

Other Leave Codes

Leave codes not included in the extended settings inherit the following global default behavior:
  • Show in Time-Off Balance Grid: Yes
  • Allow Balance Projection: Yes
  • Allow Request: Yes
  • Cash Out Enabled: No
  • # of Days Notice Required: 0 (No advance notice required)
  • Minimum Request (hours): 0 (no minimum duration)
  • Manager Approval Necessary: Yes (approval required)
  • Hide Balance of Hours in Request: 0 (balance of hours is shown in request)
  • Attachment Requirement: 1 (attachment section is shown but not required)