How Can I Restrict or Allow Leave Requests to go over Projected Accruals?

Choose whether to set a restriction level on leave code requests.

Select Admin > Portal Settings > Time Off > General Configuration. Then select or deselect Restrict Time-off requests to no more than Projected Accrual or Current Available Balance.
  • If this setting is selected and Hide "Projected Days Available" column in Leave Code Balance grid is selected, users will not be able to make a time-off request for hours over their current available balance.

  • If this setting is not selected, users will be able to make time off requests regardless of their available or projected balances. Approvers will be able to see if the user is going negative on the Time Off Dashboard during the approval process.

  • Planned balances are not used for this restriction. Submitted time off requests that have not been approved will not be used to restrict the ability for a user to submit a time off request.