Kiosk Mode Configuration

Kiosk Mode allows users to clock in and clock out easily one after another by simply entering their employee number and password on a Kiosk Login page.

Portal settings referenced in this article are found in Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Time Clock unless otherwise stated. You must be a Timecard Admin to configure this feature.
  1. Before you can configure Kiosk mode you must have configured Configure Time Worked.
  2. To get to Kiosk mode you only need to add “/Account/KioskLogin” to your portal web address. From this page users will be able to clock in and out by entering their employee number and password.
  3. If you have multiple companies and want users to log in without having to select a company, you can use a Direct Company Login URL for Kiosk Mode:
    1. If you have not already done so, Create a Direct Company Login.
    2. In a browser tab, navigate to your Direct Company Login URL (shown on the Portal Settings page), and replace the "/Login" portion of the URL with "/KioskLogin." See the following example:
      This Direct Company Login URL Becomes this in Kiosk Mode
  4. If you would like to set up a Kiosk mode where users only need to enter their employee number, enter a password into portal setting Kiosk Mode: Password to unlock the clock in page. To get to this Kiosk, you will need to go to Field Tools > Project Documentation > Kiosk Clock-In Mode and enter the password you assigned to the portal setting.
  5. If you like the password protected Kiosk mode but you still want users to enter their password when clocking in or out, enable Require Employee Password when clocking in /out from Field Tools > Kiosk Clock-in Mode. You can also disable the non password protected Kiosk mode (step 2) by enabling portal setting Disable Non password Kiosk Mode.
  6. For additional settings for clock in /out see Clock in / Clock Out Configuration (you do not need to enable clock in from navigation or login page if you plan to only use Kiosk Mode).