Timecard Initial Setup

Set up timecards in Vista for use in HR Management, Field Management, or Field Service.

  1. The Timecard Admin is a key user for the configuration of the timecards and the only user who will be able to open Vista Timecard batches in the portal. To assign this permission go to Admin > Admin Roles. The Timecard Admin will be limited on what companies and payroll groups they can configure timecards for or open batches for based on the permission assigned on this page. For more detail see Admin Role Descriptions.
    Note: This article only includes settings that are required for configuration or relevant for specific behavior. To see details of other settings select the setting name.
  2. For general settings that apply to all timecards go to Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > General Configuration:
    • For users to enter Job time outside of the Job Cost Company on their PR Employee record, show the Job Cost Company field in your timecard and update portal setting Enable JCCos for Portal Timecard Entry. If the Job Cost Company field is not shown on the timecard the Job Cost Company will default to the Job Cost Company that is on the PR Employee record. For multiple Job Cost Companies enter a semi-colon between each Job Cost Company (1;2).
    • If you are using Certified Payroll you may enable Auto-Select Employee Certified Flag based on Job. If this setting is enabled, if a job is marked as “Certified Payroll” on the JC Jobs > Payroll Info Tab, the certified checkbox on all timecard lines charged to that job will be flagged. Only enable this setting if you are not showing the "certified" field on your timecards.
    • To distinguish which earn codes are overtime earn codes on the Timecard Dashboard and overtime totals on the standard timecard, enter them in portal setting Overtime Earn Code. For multiple earn codes enter a comma between each earn code (7,8).
    • To allow users to add timecard lines with zero hours in Grid Timecards and in the Field Management Mobile App, enable portal setting Grid Timecard: allow zero hour lines to be saved and submitted.
  3. For users to be able to enter time in the portal, a Timecard Batch must be opened from the portal. This is a PR Timecard Entry Batch in Vista that is linked to the portal. For settings specific to creating a batch go to Timecard > Batch Creation in portal settings.
    • Timecard Admins can manually open batches from the Timecard Dashboard, to have batches open automatically you need to configure portal setting Begin date offset and then Enable automatic Timecard Batch Creation.
      • The begin date offset is based on the first date of the pay period (0 to open at midnight of the first day of the pay period, 1 to open midnight the day after the first day of the pay period, -1 to open midnight the day before the first day of the pay period). If the pay period does not exist in Vista before the Begin date offset the portal will not be able to open the batch.
    • When time is entered in the portal all time per pay period per payroll group is entered into the same PR Timecard Entry Batch. If the Timecard Admin needs to be able to separate these timecard lines into separate batches in Vista enable portal setting Batch Timecard Move. For more detail on this feature see Batch Timecard Move.
  4. If enabled, users can clone time from a previously entered card. Enabling Cloning for your timecard type (Standard or Grid) is part of the timecard configuration but for settings not specific to the card type go to Timecard > Cloning in the portal settings.
    • When users clone you may want to exclude some earn codes, such as over time or time-off earn codes, from being cloned. To exclude these earn codes enter them in portal setting Earn Codes to exclude from the Clone Operation. For multiple earn codes enter a comma between each earn code (Example: 4,5)
      • To limit specific earn codes per company use the following syntax: PRCo:EarnCode,Earncode;PRCo:Earncode (1:1,2;2:2,3)
    • If you are allowing users to modify their craft and class on timecard lines you may want to enable portal setting Retain Craft and Class from posted line on Timecard Clone. If this setting is not enabled the portal will pull the default craft class from their PR Employee profile in Vista when lines are cloned.
  5. The Timecard Dashboard is a great tool for your Timecard Admin to be able to see the status of the timecards in the portal. The below settings allows you to modify this page.
    • By default the Timecard Dashboard page shows all employees in a PR Employee Group. If you would like to limit this page to only those who have permission to Timecards you can enable Show only Active Timecard Portal users in Timecard Dashboard. If you have users who are entering time for others (a forman entering for his crew) you may not want to enable this setting unless all users have access to enter.
    • The Leave Audit column will show how many hours are entered against leave codes that are linked to a leave code usage. If leave is approved but was not entered on the timecard they will appear as a positive red number. If hours are entered on the timecard but were not approved, the hours will appear a negative red number. If leave is approved and entered, the hours will be a green zero. To enable this column for your Timecard Dashboard enable portal setting Show Leave Audit Column?.
      • If there are Earn Codes that you do not want to include in the Leave Audit column you can enter them in the Earn Codes to exclude from Leave Audit portal setting.
    • If there is a specific Earn Code (or group of Earn Codes) your Timecard Admin would like to see on the Timecard Dashboard, enter them in portal setting Earn Codes to show in Extra column on Timecard Dashboard. To assign that column a name, enter it in portal setting Column label for extra Earn Code Summary column. The new column will show how much time was entered against that earn code.
  6. For email settings specific to Timecards see Admin > Portal Settings > Email Configuration > Timecard Settings.
    • Enable Unsubmitted Timecard reminder and configure setting Unsubmitted Timecard Reminder Timing (hour relative to 12:00 AM on PR End Date) to send a reminder to users who have not submitted their timecards.
    • If you plan to have users submit time for others (Example: a Foreman entering time for a crew), you may enable Notify Timecard Submitter and Employee when Timecard is Unsubmitted so that if a card is rejected those who submitted the card can be notified. If those who are on the card do not have access to timecards you can enable Limit Unsubmitted Notifications to only those with Timecard access so they are not receiving emails about a module they don’t have access to.
    • Enable Notify Timecard Admins on rejection or timecard unsubmit forTimecard Admin to receive an email when a card is rejected / unsubmitted
    After you have configured the initial set-up for your timecard you will be able to begin configuring your timecard.