Enable Auto Select Equipment for EM Work Order when Equipment is shown in Portal

If you are showing Equipment on Mechanic Work Order line, the following will make the Equipment field populate automatically after WO item Selection in the portal.

You will need access to User Database and PR Timecard Entry in Vista and assigned as a System Admin to complete this configuration.
  1. In Vista, open the UD User Defined Lookups form and copy the existing EMEM lookup. Modify the new lookup as shown below:
    • From
      • EMEM with (nolock)
    • Where
      • EMEM.EMCo = ISNULL(?,1) and 1 = case when ISNULL(?,-1) = -1 then 1 when EMWI.WorkOrder = ? and EMWI.WOItem = ? then 1 Else 0 END
    • Join
      • LEFT OUTER JOIN EMWI on EMEM.EMCo = EMWI.EMCo and EMEM.Equipment=EMWI.Equipment
    • Group By
      • EMEM.EMCo, EMEM.Equipment, EMEM.Description
  2. On the Details tab, add the following:
    • Sequence 0, ColumnName 'EMEM.Equipment', ColumnHeading 'Equipment'
    • Sequence 1, ColumnName 'EMEM.Description', ColumnHeading 'Equipment Description'
  3. Configure the lookup in Vista by the following steps:
    • Open PR Timecard Entry and click the Field properties on 'Equipment' (sequence 34).
    • Click the Lookups tab in the Field properties window and add the custom lookup created above.
    • Enter in the parameters as shown in the screenshot below (29,31,32,32)
    • Change the load Sequence to 0 and ensure that it is the only 0.
  4. In the portal, go to Employee Tools > Grid Timecard Settings (Timecard Settings for the Standard Timecard). Select the appropriate Company and PR Group. Select Advancedon the Equipment line, then select Auto Select 1st.
  5. Select Admin > Portal Settings and select Refresh Synonyms.