Daily Logs

Daily Logs can be used to track the daily activity for a project, including notes on weather, completed work, equipment, and other details as defined in the project settings.

Project editors can customize Daily Logs and assign them to project contacts. Use the Project Settings page to configure the required fields and frequency, and assign Daily Logs to project members. See Project Settings for Daily Logs.

Once a Daily Log has been assigned to a project member, the log appears in the Assigned to Me list on the Team home page and project dashboard for that person. At that point, the project member can access the Daily Log, fill out the required fields, upload attachments or images, and, when finished, post the Daily Log. See Post a Daily Log.

The project editor can view the details for all assigned logs and make changes to them at any time. The project editor can also view a summary of all logs in the calendar view. This view provides key details such as hours worked, accidents, and weather delays that occurred on a given day. See View the Daily Logs Calendar.

Note that Team filters the displayed Daily Log information according to permissions of the different roles within a project:
  • Project editors can assign, delete, edit, or post Daily Logs for everyone on a project.
  • Project reviewers can view logs for everyone on a project but cannot make any modifications to those logs.
  • Collaborators can view, edit, or post logs assigned to themselves but cannot see or access logs assigned to other project members.
Note: Anyone added as an additional contributor to a Daily Log can view or edit an assigned log but the log will not appear in the Assigned to Me list for the contributor.