Assign QR Codes to Service Items

Attach QR code labels and assign QR code IDs to service items in the field.

You should have a sheet of preprinted QR code labels to take to the service site.
  1. At the service site, attach a QR code label to a service item.
  2. On your device, open the Work Order Dashboard in Field Service (Field Service > Work Order Dashboard).
  3. Select a work order.
  4. Select Site Details on the work order card.
    A list of service items displays.
  5. In the list, select the service item that you just attached the label to.
    The Service Item Detail page opens.
  6. In the QR Code ID field, enter the QR code ID from the QR code label. For example, 0001.
When you scan the QR code on the service item, Field Service will open to the Service Item Detail page where you can view product information and work order history for that item,.