Create QR Codes for Service Items

Create QR codes for service items so that technicians can quickly access service item details and work order history in the field.

  1. Generate QR codes for service items using the following format: https://[CustomerURL]/SM/Index#/ServiceDetails=[QRCodeID]
    • Customer URL: The domain name for your company's Vista Web portal. For example,

    • QRCodeID: The QR code ID to assign to the service item in Field Service. For example, 00001.
  2. Print a sheet of QR code labels for the technician to take to the service site.
  3. Technicians attach labels to service items at the site, and record QR code IDs on the Service Item Detail page in Field Service. See Assign QR Codes to Service Items for details.
    Note: You can also record QR code IDs for service item in Vista (SM Service Sites > Serviceable Items tab) if needed.