Create a QR Code that links back to my portal

QR Codes can be a handy tool out on the field. You create a QR Code so your users can easily pull up the piece of equipment or the training history on an employee by scanning with a QR Reader. Below are the steps to make this available for your portal.

Create a URL

  • For Equipment: [portalurl]/Equipment/#/EMEMKeyID/[Key ID from EMEM table for the equipment]

    • Portal URL: Current portal URL (Example:

    • Key ID: Available from table.columname EMEM.KeyID or use the following select statement:

      • Use Viewpoint
      • Select KeyID, EMCo, Equipment, Description
      • From dbo.bEMEM
      • Order By KeyID
      Note: To get to this table you must be logged into your SQL Server management Studio as the system admin and connected to the server where your Vista dn KDS-HRIM database live.
    • Example:
      • Portal URL =
      • Key ID = 100
  • For Training: [portalurl]/employee/training/#Manager/Y/HRCo/[the hr company of the employee]/Employee/[the employee number]
    • Example:
      • URL =
      • HR Company = 1
      • Employee = 100

Generate your own QR Code

  • Enter the URL's created above into a QR Generator to create your own QR Codes for each piece of equipment or employee.

How does it work?

  • After you have created your QR Code, the user can easily get to that page by using a QR scanner.
    • The user will have to be logged in to get to the page.
    • If the user does not have permission (Ex: they are not assigned to the module or don't have permission to view that employee's training), they will not be able to open the page.