Add a Compliance Node

The compliance node allows you to ensure banners, watermarks, and markups are displayed by default when viewing a document (for example, when a quality assurance policy requires approved documents to always be printed with the finalized annotations, stamps, and disclaimers). Alternatively, you can configure the node to dynamically generate a .PDF version of a document that contains all the accepted banners and markups. This new .PDF will then become the primary file, delegating the original to the secondary file.

When configuring a compliance node, the following options are available:

  • Banners & Watermarks - Using the tokens, add banners or watermarks to display by default when items are opened through the View & Markup tool or alternatively burn them in to create a .PDF file as the primary file.
  • Accepted Markups - Choose whether the accepted markups are displayed by default, burnt in to create a .PDF as the new primary file, or ignored so the original file is still shown.
    Note: Markups must be accepted via a review markups node to be affected by the compliance node.
  • Email Text - Enables you to create an optional email notification to alert users of the items.
  • Recipients - Enables you to select the users to whom you would like to send an optional email notification.