Search Viewpoint For Projects™

There are a few ways to search for items (project documents, drawings etc.), that have been uploaded to the application: through the Search box, in the Search and Advanced Search tabs, by right-clicking on a container and selecting Search, or by running a saved search in My Reports.

Get an overview of searching in Projects by watching this tutorial.

Use any of the following methods to search for items that were uploaded to Projects:

  • Search box - The search box at the top of the application is the quickest way to search for items. This will search the entire enterprise and you can include AND, OR, and NOT arguments to refine the results.
  • Search or Advanced Search tab - Use the search feature in the application to quickly find the items in the application. For example, the latest revision of a document, tasks that have been assigned to you, or discussions that you are included in.
  • Right-click on a container and select Search. Enter your search criteria and click Search.
  • Using a saved search in My Reports - You can save a frequently used search as a report that will display in the My Reports option on the main menu.