Use the Search Tab

Use the search feature in the application to quickly find the items in the application. For example, the latest revision of a document, tasks that have been assigned to you or discussions that you are included in.

Search for items in an enterprise, site, project, or container

Right click on an enterprise, site, or project and click Search. The search options will be displayed.

You can search for an item's
  • Name
  • Description
  • Revision Status
  • Organization

You can also narrow the results by searching for within a specified date range or for items containing text. You can also search for items with specific classifications.

Use the % symbol as a wildcard character in the search. For example, if you are searching for an item that starts with 4PS and ends with 001, search for 4PS%001.

  • %text% - Searches for items with text in the name

  • text% - Searches for items that begin with text

  • text%text% - Searches for items that begin with text and contains text

The Is Public checkbox in the Search tab helps you locate public items in a container. When you select the Is Public checkbox, all the public items within the container will get displayed. You can also save the search results as reports.

You can also customize the columns that display in the search results and even how the columns are organized and how the records are sorted.


Click the plus sign in the Classifications field to search for an item within specific classifications, including those no longer in use. You won't see this option if the feature is disabled.

  1. Use the Filter by Table field to narrow down the classification tables.

  2. Use the Search field to find specific search terms.

  3. Use the Show not in use codes toggle option to show classification codes that have been removed from the list of classifications. These deleted codes are crossed out.

  4. Select the checkbox in the Records Returned table for the tables you want to search.

  5. Select OK.

Search for latest revision

If the current revision of an item in a workflow is not visible to you because you are not a panel member, you are still able to see a previously approved revision of the item when searching. Please note this by the blank revision information column shown in the search grid. You will be able to see the previous revisions by right clicking and looking at the properties of the document.

Contains Text

You can use the Contains Text search to search the text within your items, tasks and discussions. For example, you can use this feature to search the text inside a PDF.

This feature works on the following file types:


Search or Save As Report

Once you have all the select search criteria, select Save As Report or Search.

  • Use Save As Report to save the current search so it can be used again

  • Use Search to see the results but not save the criteria