Data Flow for Onboarding

The following table illustrates how data for Onboarding fields flows between Onboarding and Spectrum. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

Onboarding Field Data Flow Spectrum Field Notes
*First Name *First Name
Middle Name Middle
*Last Name *Last Name
Other Phone Personal telephone
*Date of Birth Date of birth
*Social Security Number Social security number
Gender Sex
Race Race
Disability Status Flags the Disability checkbox
Veteran Status Veteran Status
*Filing Status Filing Status
*Dependent Amount Dependents claimed annually (step 3)
*Other Income Other annual income (step 4a)
*Withholding Extra withholding by pay period (step 4c)
Multiple Jobs Two jobs in total? (step 2c)
Employee Number Employee code
Expected Hire Date Changes Status Status If Hire Date is in the future, Status is set to Inactive; if Hire Date is today or in the past, Status is set to Active.
*Company Company code
*Cost Center Cost center
*Pay Frequency Frequency
*Payroll Department Department
Union Code Union
Wage Code Wage code
*Pay Type Pay type
*Wage Salary rate / Hourly rate
*Workers Compensation Workers comp code
*Resident Tax State Tax code