Configure Benefit Groups

Benefit groups determine which benefit codes users can see in HR Management.

Assign benefit codes to benefit groups in Vista. Then assign users to those groups in HR Management.

You must be a Benefits Admin in order to complete the configuration steps in HR Management.

  1. In Vista, select Human Resources > Programs > HR Benefit Groups.
    1. Review or create benefit groups, and assign the appropriate benefit codes on the Benefit Codes tab. You can assign users to multiple groups.
    2. To add attachments to a benefit group, select Attachments icon in the toolbar of the HR Benefit Groups window. These attachments display on the Employee Benefits page in HR Management.
  2. In HR Management, select Employee Tools > Benefit Assignments.
    1. Select the HR Company and Benefit Group.
    2. Select an Employee Group from the dropdown, and then select Add.
      Note: Employee Groups also allow you to create an SQL Choices Override. For full details on setting up employee groups, see Create Employee Groups.
    3. Use the Add / Exclude By Condition section to create an employee group based on conditions that you establish for the PR Company, Group Type, and Group Value.
      • Select whether to include or exclude employees who match this criteria. After you create a condition, select Add.
      • If you use the Employee Age (years) filter under Group Type, update portal setting Date for Effective Benefit Group Age filtering under Admin > Portal Settings > Benefits > General Configuration.
    4. Select Refresh Membership at the top of the page to review the list of employees included in the group based the conditions that you have set.
      In the pop-up window, you can search for a specific employee by entering their name (or a portaion of the name) in the search box.
    5. To clear your selections for the current group, select Clear Group.
After you have completed your configuration, your benefits should display when you open an enrollment window. If your codes are already assigned to your HR Resource record, you can see them on the Benefits page by selecting Employee Tools > Benefits and then selecting the Review button. As you test, you may want to review the Benefits Checklist and Audit Benefits Codes.