How Benefit Elections are Moved into Vista

Benefit Elections approved in HR Management will update the HR Resource Benefits in Vista. How the HR Resource Benefit is updated and how Payroll changes depends on how users elects benefits in HR Management.

Note: The Inactive Frequency Code is set based on the portal setting Frequency Code of deactivated deductions and liabilities under Admin > Portal Settings > Benefits > Vista Configuration.
If the user selected this option in HR Management HR Resource Benefits Payroll Action Payroll Deduction / Liability Codes
Kept current Benefit Code If the Benefit Code has different rate, it will update the HR Resource benefits with the new rate. No other changes will happen. Run HR Update Benefit to PR. If the Benefit Code has a different rate, this will update in payroll on the corresponding deduction and liability codes. No other changes will happen.
Selected new Benefit Code The Old code will have an expiration date of the day before the new code’s effective date. The Deduction/Liability Codes for the old code will have the Inactive Frequency Code. The new code will be marked as active and the old code will be unchecked as active. The Deduction and Liability codes from the old code will update with the Inactive frequency, the new deduction and liability codes that correspond to the new code will be added.
Declined Coverage of current election Frequency Code changed to Inactive Frequency code and the Benefit code is unchecked as Active. The expiration date is updated to one day prior to the benefit code's effective date for the benefit window (or one day prior to the effective date override chosen during Benefit Approval, if applicable). Frequency Code on the Deduction and Liability codes assigned to the Benefit code will be the Inactive Frequency Code.
Decline Coverage, Benefit Code not currently elected No change No change