Review Dependent Requests

Benefits Admins can review, approve, or reject requested changes to dependents.

  1. Select Approval > Dependent Requests.

  2. In the upper left of the page, use the dropdown field to filter for Pending dependent requests.

    The grid refreshes based on your filter selection.

  3. To search for a specific request, use the Search field above the grid.
  4. To review a pending request, select the Review button.

    A pop-up window opens. In this window, you can review or add dependent information, select to Approve or Reject the request, or select Cancel to return to the Dependent Requests page.

    Note: Only the last four digits of a dependent's Social Security number display in the pop-up window.
  5. To approve a request from the Dependent Requests page, locate the request in the grid, and select the green box with a check mark in it .

    Approved changes update HR Resource Dependents in Vista.

  6. To reject a request from the Dependent Requests grid, locate the request in the grid, and select the red box with the x in it .

    The Reject Dependent Request pop-up window opens. Here, you must enter a brief note to explain why you are rejecting the request.

    Note: If a new dependent is added during a Benefits window, the user will be able to add the new dependent to any benefit. The Benefits Admin cannot approve the election until the new dependent has been approved.