Configure Company Holidays

Block off company holidays on the Time Off Calendar so that users cannot request time off for those dates.

You can assign different holidays to different groups. Users can see company holidays from the following options on the Manage My Time Off page (Employee Tools > Time Off):
  • View Company Holidays button
  • View Group Time Off Grid button
  • Request Time Off calendar

Only the Time Off Admin can configure company holidays.

  1. SelectEmployee Tools > Time Off Holidays.
  2. Select Add New Holiday Group.
  3. Enter the name of your group, and select Add Group.
    The new group is added to the Holiday Group drop-down.
  4. Under Step 1, assign one or more Employee Groups to your holidays.
    Users can be assigned to multiple Holiday Groups.
  5. Under Step 2 , select a year and a country.
    The year determines the calendar year in which these holidays will be in effect. The country determines the list of standard holidays.
  6. Under Step 3, select the standard holidays you want to include for your Holiday Group.
  7. Under Step 4, manually add holidays that are not found in the standard list.
    1. Select the date of your holiday.
    2. Enter the name of the holiday as you would like it to display for your users.
    3. Select Add.
    4. If your Holiday is a partial day, you can select Partial Day. Time Off users will be able to request time off on partial holidays and see the holiday on their request calendar.
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