Configure Leave Balancing

The Leave Balancing feature allows users who are entering time in the Standard Timecard to recieve a pop-up if they have not entered approved time-off on their card.

You must be a System Admin and have configured the Time Off and Standard Timecard Configuration features.
  1. Go to Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Leave Balance.
  2. To tell the portal which earn codes are linked to which leave codes you must configure portal setting Earncode mapping for Leave Code and Holiday Validation. Use the format LeaveCode:EarnCode;LeaveCode:EanCode (Example PTO:10;VAC:15).
    • If you would like to map your Holiday earn codes, enter ‘KDSHOL’ in place of the leave code in the configuration of this setting. (example: PTO:10;VAC:15;KDSHOL:5).
      Note: You cannot have the same Earn Code mapped to two different Leave Codes as the portal wouldn’t know which leave code the users is intending to use. You can only have the same Earn Code linked to multiple Leave Codes if users only have access to one of those Leave Codes.
  3. To enable Leave Balancing on the Standard Timecard select portal setting Enable Leave Time Validation pop-up. This will give users an orange calendar icon on the Standard Timecard, allowing them to check their leave balance for the selected pay period and show the Leave Time Validation pop-up if a user tries to submit a timecard when their entries do not match their approved time off.
  4. By default when Leave Balancing is enabled, users will not be able to submit their timecards if their timecard entries do not match their time off requests. If you want users to be able to submit time even if their Leave is out of balance, enable If validation pop-up is enabled, allow users to submit anyway.
  5. To customize the text that appears in the Leave Validation pop-up enter it in portal setting Warning text displayed to users if their timecards are not balanced with their vacation requests. The default text in this setting is “Your timecard entries did not match your time off requests. Please review your vacation requests.”.