About Work Completed Item Types

Find information about the fields and options available for each Field Service work item type.

Work item types include Labor, Equipment, Misc, and Inventory. Depending on portal settings, users may also be able to create new purchase orders for a scope. Fields and options that display for each work item type vary based on Field Service configuration settings.

Work Item Type Description
Labor Saving labor hours saves the information to a PR Timecard Batch and to the SM Work Order (Work Completed tab) in Vista. Users with permission to approve job time can enter labor hours for technicians whose time they are authorized to approve. See Timecard Approval for details.
Equipment The Service Item field defaults to the service item listed on the scope.
Misc Only SM standard items may be selected. Enable miscellaneous cost types in the Field Service portal setting SM Cost Type Visibility.
Note: Cost Type is required only if the SM Cost Type field is set as required in Vista Field Properties.
Inventory The Location field defaults to the location for the SM Technician in Vista. Technicians can also select No Location from the Location drop-down.
PO Displays only if you have enabled Allow Creation of New SM PO's (Admin > Portal Settings > Field Service > Work Complete).
Notes If you add notes for a work item type, those notes display on the Work Completed tab (Notes column) of the work order in Vista.