Lock the Due Date on Task Containers

You can lock the due date of all tasks created in a task container so that any tasks created there will automatically have the default due date you configured applied to it. You can also select Due Date is Editable if you would like users creating tasks to be able to apply their own due dates.

You can lock the default due date while you are creating a container, or you can set it later by right-clicking on the Project in the navigation tree and going to Configure > This Container.
  1. Expand Timescale Properties.
  2. Under Timescale Properties, enter the default number of days allowed for completion of tasks in this container in Days From.
    For example, enter 10 in this field if, by default, the tasks in this container should be completed in 10 days.
    If you want task creators to be able to change the default due date, select Due Date is Editable. If you do not select this, the default due date will apply to all tasks created in this container.