What's New in VFP 2018-01 Desktop – December 2018

Viewpoint For Projects™ Desktop 2018-R1 includes a new desktop app allowing Windows 7 users to upgrade from the 4Explorer plugin to the feature-rich Viewpoint For Project Desktop supporting naming conventions and default starting revisions. The release also includes customer requested fixes and improvements.

Review the release video to see a quick overview of VFP Desktop 2018-01 enhancements, and read more about them in the sections below it.

Key enhancements include:

  • Windows 7 support

    Users on Windows 7 are no longer limited to the 4Explorer plugin. Viewpoint For Project Desktop contains everything in 4Explorer plus more. Please Note: Windows 7 users require a live internet connection as offline mode is only available for Windows 8 or above.

  • Naming convention support

    Support for customer and list naming conventions provides consistency and control at document upload.

  • Default starting revision support

    Document revision values append based on the default starting revision defined by the Enterprise Administrator.

  • Revit 2018-R2

    A new Revit plugin contains code updates and a bug fix.

  • Fixes and stability improvements

    This release contains several customer-requested Bug Fixes and enhancements to make the application more usable.