Employee Details

From the Employee Dashboard, HR administrators and HR specialists can access the Employee Details page where they can review and manage employee information currently on file in your Spectrum ERP system.

Access Employee Details by selecting an employee name on the Employee Dashboard.

Note: HR specialists can view information only for employees who fall under their permission groups. See Permission Groups for details.

Employee Details Overview

Employee Details information is grouped under the following sections:
  • Personal & Employment Info: Provides access to the personal information, emergency contacts, job details, and direct deposit account details that an employee has on file.

  • Approvals: Allows HR admins and HR specialists with approval permissions to view and approve Personal Information changes that an employee has submitted.

  • History: Allows HR admins and HR specialists to view an audit of Personal Information changes for an employee. Audit history details include the date and time that a change was made, the Personal Information field that the employee changed, and the approval status.

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