How Employment Status Impacts User Access

A user's Employment Status, designated in Spectrum and shown on the User Management page, determines what that user can see and do in your Employee Self-Service portal.

Employment Status options: Active, Inactive, Terminated, or Deceased.

Employees can do the following based on their status, depending on the modules that you have enabled in Admin Settings > Enterprise Settings (Personal Information, Earnings, or both).

  • Active employees can access all areas of Personal Info and Earnings.

  • Terminated or Inactive employees can view and edit their contact information in Personal Info, but they cannot view or change their emergency contacts or direct deposit information. They also retain access to their pay stubs and W-2s in Earnings.

  • Employee accounts with a status of Deceased have the same access restrictions as accounts belonging to terminated or inactive employees.

Refer to the following chart for a summary of user access levels by Employment Status.
Earnings Access (view) Personal Info Access (view and edit)
Employment Status W-2s Pay Stubs Personal Info Direct Deposit Emergency Contacts

*For active HR users, their assigned permission groups determine whose employee information they can access in your portal.