Manage User Access

Control access to your Employee Self-Service portal for users with a Trimble Construction One login.

You must be an HR admin to perform this task.

You can control access for employee users, HR specialists, and other HR admins. Changes to a user's access take effect immediately. However, it may take a minute or two for the User Management - Beta page to refresh to reflect your changes.

  1. From the Employee Self-Service home page, select User Management (Beta) under HR Admin Tools. Or, select the in the upper left corner of the home page, and then select User Management (Beta).

    The User Management - Beta page opens, showing a list of all Employee Self-Service users, including their current status, company, and role.

  2. Select the With login button at the top of the page.

    The grid refreshes to show the list of users with Trimble Construction One logins.

    On the far right of the grid, you will see a column that gives you the option to either Disable HR or Enable HR for a user.

  3. To remove a user's access, select Disable HR. A pop-up message displays asking you to confirm your choice before continuing.

    Disabling an employee user removes that user's access across all companies in an enterprise. Disabling an HR user removes that user's permissions across an enterprise. If you remove a user's access, that user will no longer receive notifications sent from your portal and will see a Not Authorized page after attempting to log in.

  4. To give a user access, select Enable HR.
    Note: Users with a Trimble Construction One login and a status of Active are enabled by default.

    For enabled users, their Employment Status, designated in Spectrum, determines what they can see and do in your Employee Self-Service portal. In addition, for HR users, their assigned permission groups determine whose employee information they can access in your portal.