Profile Groups

Profile groups allow you to tie groups of employees to specific hiring locations or business units, and designate HR specialist permissions for each location.

Each new hire's assigned profile group displays on the New Hire Dashboard and on the New Hire Details page. Smaller companies might have only one profile group, with all HR specialists having full access to that group. Medium-sized and larger companies might have a profile group for each location or job site, with HR specialists designated by location.

HR administrators can assign one or more HR specialists to a profile group and set unique permissions for each specialist. All new hires are assigned to hiring profiles. Each hiring profile is assigned to a profile group. In order for an HR specialist to see a new hire's information, the new hire's profile must be assigned to the HR specialist's profile group.

HR specialists can have any of the following profile group permissions:

  • Invite: Can invite new hires to onboard.
  • Manage New Hires: Can view and manage new hires on the New Hire Dashboard.
  • Initialize: Can send new hire records to Spectrum. HR specialists with Initialize rights are given Manage New Hires permission by default.
  • Profile Admin: Can manage hiring profiles and onboarding form templates for a profile group.