Elect Your Benefits

After an enrollment window is approved, the Manage My Benefits page changes to a four-step election process.

You must complete steps 1-3 before you can submit your elections. Required fields display with a red outline and must be completed before you can submit a step.
  1. In the Update your own personal information section, review the personal information you have on file and submit as needed. After you finish reviewing or making changes, select the Verify button at the top of this section.
  2. In the Update your dependent information section, review and modify your dependents on file as needed. You will be able to add these dependents to your benefit elections in step 3.
    • To add a new dependent select Add a New Dependent, and complete the information in the Add New Dependent pop-up window.

    • To modify an existing dependent, select Edit Dependent.

      Note: All dependent requests go through an approval process, but you can still add new dependents to your elections while they are pending approval.
    • After you finish reviewing or making changes, select the Verify button at the top of this section.

  3. In the Review plan offerings and elections section, you will see the benefit election options available to you. You can make new selections, keep existing elections, add or remove dependents and beneficiaries (if applicable), and decline coverage.
    • To confirm an election, select the box next to that election, choose the plan or contribution, and select the Confirm button. You can only select one plan per benefit type (For example, you can only select one medical plan).

      Note: Some codes allow you to assign dependents or beneficiaries after you select Confirm. Your plan type may limit how the number of dependents that may be added (for example, you cannot add dependents to a Single plan).
    • Plans that show Current Election are your elections currently on file. If you do not want to modify these elections, select Keep Existing Plan.

    • To decline coverage for a benefit type, select Decline Coverage. A pop-up window displays, allowing you to add notes for your administrator (if notes are required, the notes section displays highlighted in red). When you are finished, select Proceed.

    • To undo an election select Cancel Request. You can modify elections up until you have completed Step 4 on the Manage My Benefits page.

    • After you have finished making your selections, scroll to the bottom of the page to review your subtotals and then select Continue. If you still have selections remaining but want to continue later, you will see a message indicating that you have elections to make.

      • Your remaining elections will be outlined in red on the page.

      • You can either elect those benefits now, or select the Continue Anyway button to return to the Manage My Benefits page. Any benefit elections that you made are saved but not submitted.

  4. In the Finalize and submit section, review your benefit elections and subtotals.
    • This section is not available until after you complete sections 1-3.

    • Review the benefit elections and the legal text at the bottom of the page before selecting Finalize & Confirm. You will then be prompted to sign off on your elections and submit them for review.

    • Submitted benefit elections go through a review process before they are updated. If a request is rejected, you will be able to modify your elections and submit them again.

After you have submitted your changes, the Manage My Benefits page returns to its standard look. You will not be able to request another qualifying event until your current election window has ended. To see your elections and the status, select the Review button.