Add a Youtube Video to a Company Announcement

You can add YouTube videos to any of your company announcements.

For help setting up an announcement, see Create a Company Announcement.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Document Dashboard.
  2. Select +Add New or Edit.
    The Edit Bulletin dialog box opens.
  3. In the Body section, select the Insert video icon.
  4. In the pop-up, enter the URL for the YouTube video, and select OK.
    A thumbnail of the video displays in the Body section.
    Note: The URL pop-up prefills with https://. If you are copying and pasting a video URL directly into the pop-up, ensure that you delete the prefilled https:// first. Otherwise, https:// may be duplicated in your link, and the link will not work.
  5. To edit the size of a video, modify the width and height attributes in the code as needed.

    Some example sizes:
    • 279x209
    • 480x360
    • 549x411
    • 1097x823
    Note: In the rich text editor, the option no longer functions for editing HTML code. Selecting this icon only highlights text in the editor.
  6. Select Save.