Insert Videos not on YouTube

Embed videos that are not on YouTube in a company announcement, document, or library item.

For additional information, see Create a Company Announcement, Create a Document for Signature or Acknowledgment, and Create a Library Item.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Document Dashboard.
  2. Open the Company Announcement, Document, or Library Item.
  3. In the HTML, copy and paste the following string into the text box:

    <div class="WordSection1"><p class="MsoNormal"><img class="ta-insert-video" src="test.jpg" ta-insert-video="" contenteditable="false" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" style="width: 25%;"></p></div>

    Note: In the rich text editor, the option no longer functions for editing HTML code. Selecting this icon only highlights text in the editor.
  4. In the src="" expression, replace test.jpg with your image URL.
  5. Replace the contents of the ta-insert-video="" expression with your video link.