Create Document Categories

Before you can create Library Items, you will need to set up Document Categories.

These categories are assigned to the Library Item and determine which users can see a Library Item and how Library Items are categorized on the Library Docs page.

You must be a Bulletin Admin to create or edit Document Categories.

  1. Select Employee Tools > Document Dashboard.
  2. Select the Document Categories button.
  3. Select the +Add button.
    Note: To modify an existing category, select that category from the dropdown field on the Manage Document Categories page. Note that library items are listed under the Library Items header in the dropdown list.
  4. In Add New Category, enter the name of the category for your reports. This will be the name of the category under which associated library items will be found
  5. In Pick a Type, select Library Items.
  6. Select Add.
    This opens the Category section on the page.
  7. To modify the category name at any time, select rename next to the category name.
  8. Add an employee group to the category by selecting a group from the dropdown under Employee Groups That Have Access. Then select Add.
    You can add multiple employees to the same categories. Only users assigned to this category will be able to see the associated Library Items on their Library Docs page. See Create Employee Groups for help setting up employee groups.
    Note: Only a System or Security Admin can create or modify employee groups.
  9. To delete a category, select it from the Category dropdown, and then select Delete.
    Note: Library categories may be deleted only if they are not associated with any Library Items.