Integrate Stand-Alone Team with your ERP System

If you have been using Team as a stand-alone solution, you can integrate with your ERP system (Vista or Spectrum) so that the two applications share the same information and remain synchronized across office, team, and field.

The following overview describes the process of integrating with your ERP system.

  1. Contact Viewpoint. Contact your Viewpoint representative and request the update to Vista, Spectrum or Jobpac integration. Viewpoint will update your enterprise to your ERP system and then send you an email notification with a registration key and a link to configure and register your system.
  2. Register Team with your ERP. Click the link to open the registration wizard. When prompted, paste the registration key in the Viewpoint Registration Key field. Complete the remaining fields as directed.
  3. Prepare for Integration. Review the recommendations and considerations before you begin the integration wizard. See Prepare for Integration.
  4. Complete the Integration Wizard. From the Integration tab in the Admin Center, on the Getting Started page, review the recommendations and click Get Started to begin the integration wizard.